Go Joe Go : Photography and photo booklet designed


Target Bee Colonies

T-Shirt and label design


Earth day signage for the Bullseye Boutique

Design to be utilized in Indias very own Bullseye Boutique

Target Headquarters installed an ice rink that is located over the basketball court,

This is the logo I created for the rink. 48x36 

Posters (24inx36in)

CSA Shares

Bon Appetit Catering

Farmers Market

Fresh vegetables that Bon Appetit provided for target team members to purchase out of the target cafe.

farmers poster 24x36.jpg

Poster I designed for a company called Card Isle Kiosk. It allows people to choose their design and customize the inside of the card. 


Boutique Fresh Express 

Various Logos that I have designed while working at Target


This is a logo that was designed for the frozen yogurt station in Target's cafe, Bon Appetit.

Fro Yo2.jpg

Bullseye Boutique Branding

Various designs that  I came up with to feature on clothing and merchandise in Target's Bullseye Boutique stores. (click on the image below)