Starting me

So, here I am, loading, packing and walking away from my first year of moving out. I've been dreading today ... really dreading it ever since I've moved into my apartment a year ago. Dreading the moving out process, the finding a new apartment process, the parents wanting me back home process, the making up my mind process and just dreaded an ending to my new beginning. I truly wanted to be out on my own and truly feel the power of freedom and honestly after a year, even through all the disapproval I got. I'm so glad I did it! I experienced it first hand and I believe within a couple days here I'll be moving onto my second apartment *fingers cross* (hoping for a speedy response).


This photo ^ as I was driving back to my parents house to crash for a couple days. I reminded myself of how far I have come, how much I've grown, how I did it the first year and how I didn't go running back to my parents every time something went wrong. I Figured it out! I truly grew and took responsibilities for my actions. I'm not going to lie, it was tough! Tougher because my parents completely disapprove of me moving out on my own. They disapprove because it was different for them. 

Different because they grew up in a time and place that families lived together no matter how big they grew. They grew up in a time where daughters were to only move out once she's wedded. Since I am a daughter and single, moving out means "no" until I was marry. Ofcourse, being the risk taker all my life and with a dash of stubbornness. I went ahead and did it anyways not because I wanted to disobey them, but because I knew if I didn't stretch myself, I'd always be stuck. When I finally did do it, I definitely struggled communicating with them on why I wanted to move out. It was tough explaining to them that me, myself wanted to do it to grow, not to disobey any of their cultural beliefs or to disrespect them. 



 I truly did believe in myself that I could do it and so I did do it. I know that throughout my journey, my two toughest critics will always be my parents. I'm always going to want to have their approval, but I've learned over my 24 years that getting approvals from my parents will probably never happen and if it does they'll never tell me personally. And no, I'm not disappointed or sad, I've learned to understand their perspective on how my life should be. But learning to understand them doesn't mean I will live my life the way they want it. I love my parents and they will always be my weakness, but again loving my parents is also my strength. The strength to fuel my tank when I lose my hunger in life. 

As always, truly find the art in you and create your masterpiece for the world to see πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’•